Elijah McKenzie-Jackson

Quotes and interviews in press as an activist on Climate Mitigation:

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Press about Artwork:

OpenPR: Provocative Artwork Release by Activist - "Bloody Nostalgia"
Digital Journal: Elijah McKenzie-Jackson Takes a Stand Against the Second Amendment in New Art Piece
Outlook India: Elijah McKenzie-Jackson's Artwork and its Impact on the Planet
Thred: "321 Ping" - Elijah McKenzie-Jackson's Evocative Piece About US Gun Violence
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News Channel Nebraska: Elijah McKenzie-Jackson Takes a Stand Against the Second Amendment in New Art Piece
GQ Turkey: Earth and Sustainablility edition - Double spread art feature - “How would you feel?”

Press about Elijah McKenzie-Jackson:

The New York Times: Climate Strikes Protests Gain Momentum
BBC Worklife: Gen Z - How Young People are Changing Activism
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The Independent: Students on Hunger Strike over Coal Mine in Cumbria
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Atmos: Climate and Culture - Volume 3 magazine - single spread
BRICKS: Are we the last generation issue - Front Cover, double spread

Op-eds & bylines by Elijah McKenzie-Jackson:

Vogue: COP27 has already let us down
The Guardian: UN COP27 in Egypt: Addressing LGBTQ+ Rights in the Climate Crisis
Yeşil Gazete: The Future of the Planet is Not Yet Determined - Elijah McKenzie-Jackson
A Bigger Picture by Vannesa Nakate - Elijah McKenzie-Jackson